​​​​Reconciling Freedom and Security: Reflections on Current Issues

Réconcilier liberté et sécurité: réflexion sur des enjeux actuels

Chair: Sébastien Charles​

Evolving Identities in a Globalist Age: Constant Transition vs. Stability
Chair: Theodor Damian

Shakespeare and/in Europe: Connecting Voices
Chairs: Nicole Fayard and Krystyna Kujawinska Courtney

What’s Not New in the New Europe: Ancient Answers to Modern Questions
Chair: Jakub Filonik

Eschatology, Apocalypse, and Modernity
Chair: Stephen L. Gardner​​

Why Are Actions More Reliable Than Words? Drama from Ancient Greece to Brecht and the Modern World

Chairs: Heinz Uwe-Haus and Mihaela Albu 

European Higher Education
Chair: Marcel Herbst

​​Solidarity – A True European Value or Just Lip Service?

Chair: Stefan Höjelid

​Globalization and the New Europe: A Nietzschean Perspective

​Chairs: Endre Kiss and Uschi Nussbaumer-Benz

The Question of Life in 17th-Century Mechanism
Chair: Syliane Malinowski-Charles

​​Direct Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe after 1989

Chair: Maria Marczewska-Rytko

Enlightenment and Idealism: On Reason, Religion and European Values
Chairs: Douglas A. Moggach and Yolanda Espiña

The Republic of Letters and Political Reality: How Intellectuals Relate to Politicians and Vice Versa

Chair: Gesine Palmer

Epistemic Curiosity: The Culture, Politics and Identity of the Curious(ly) Virtuous

​Chair: Marianna Papastephanou

​The Remains of Politics / The Politics That Remains

​Chair: Marianna Papastephanou and Torill Strand

New Nationalisms in European and Postcolonial Discourses
Chairs: Izabella Penier and Magda Rekść

Critical Reflections on the New and the Old in European Culture 

Chair: Brayton Polka 

Humor and Irony as Tools of Critique Resistance in European Literature and the Arts 

Chair: Aurelia Roman

The Linguistic and Cultural Manifestations of War and Terrorism
Chair: Ruvik Rosenthal and Ryszard Machnikowski

Classical Rationalism and the Politics of Europe

Chair: Ann Ward

Fading Europe? Confronting Limitations / Envisioning Alternatives
Chair: Richard R. Weiner

Europe Today: From the Nordic Challenge to the State of Ethnic and National Minorities

Chair: Agata Włodarska-Frykowska and Katarzyna Dośpiał-Borysiakand

Subtexts/Stereotypes: The Image of the ‘Other’ in Central and Eastern European Media
Chair: Magdalena Żakowska

​​​​​​2016 ISSEI conference 

The University of Lodz, Poland